Why G6 Consulting Inc. for Canada’s SR&ED Program

G6 Consulting Inc. is the top company in Canada for helping businesses prepare and submit SR&ED claims. With over 15 years of experience and thousands of successful claims across a variety of industries, we ensure the maximization of your SR&ED credit claims with both federal and provincial governments. Our commitment is 100% customer-centric, and we operate on a no-win, no-fee basis—if we can’t secure your tax credits, we don’t get paid. We handle all work in-house to keep your financial and technical information confidential, protected by our Non-Disclosure Agreement. We carefully prepare your claim, work with your accountant, submit the claim, and make sure you get your refund. Trust your SR&ED claim to the experts. Contact the #1 SR&ED Consultants in Canada today!

Technical Report Preparation

Our team makes detailed reports of your R&D activities for SR&ED tax credits.

Financial Data Collection

We collect and organize the financial information needed for your SR&ED claim.

Tax Return Amendments

We update your company's tax returns and schedules to include the SR&ED claim.

Claim Submission

We submit your SR&ED claim to the CRA and provincial bodies, ensuring full compliance with regulations.

Why You Should Hire G6 Consulting’s Expert SR&ED Consultant

SR&ED Consulting

The SR&ED program is Canada’s largest R&D tax incentive. Our SR&ED consultants handle everything for you: building your claim, completing paperwork, submitting it, and getting you your cheque.

SR&ED Audit Defence

If your SR&ED claim is under audit, G6 Consulting provides top-notch audit defence services to support you through the process.

Other Government Grants

We also help businesses with IRAP, IDMTC credits, and other government grants. Our consulting team guides you through these grants and advises on the best actions to take.

SR&ED funding has made it possible for us to pursue our goal of improving the quality of life for children with disabilities. G6 Consulting made this process easy and straightforward, working on our schedule. They are the clear choice for a SRED Consultant.

Manmeet Maggu

CEO, Trexo Robotics

G6 Consulting are far and away the most knowledge SR&ED consultants that I have come across. Instead of having my claim written by a new associate each year, Greg Hills personally prepares all claims for submission. We have never had an audit since contracting G6.

Trivelle Simpson

President, Chelle Service Capital

G6 helped us with our SRED and we successfully filed our taxes. Greg provided one-on-one consultation time explaining the ins and outs of the SRED program and required minimum help from us to draft our SRED documents. Totally recommend them if you are an R&D firm looking to file your taxes & apply for SRED.

Mohsen Afshar

CEO, TissueX

We never knew that our business could qualify for SR&ED until our consultation with G6 Consulting. During our call, Greg was able to find an area of our business that qualifies and the impact on our bottom line has been astounding.

Nir Shayo

President, New Cut Metal Works

The number one thing I noticed switching from my accounting firm to specialized experts in G6 is not only the expertise, but the customer service. Greg is a great project manager. I was able to remain hands-off in large part because of the care and initiative he took in contacting the right people to get the job done for us.

David Jones

CEO, High Craft Construction

Who is Eligible for SR&ED Credits?

Determining SR&ED eligibility can be complex, especially for edge cases. Here’s a simplified guide to key prerequisites:

  • There should be expenses for Canadian salaries, Canadian subcontractors, and/or materials related to the work you’re claiming.
  • The work must qualify as SR&ED projects.
  • Salaries and subcontractor payments must go to a Canadian entity with a Social Insurance Number (SIN) or Business Number (BN).

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Our Locations in Canada

Toronto, ON

In 2009, Greg Hills, founder of G6 Consulting Inc., filed his first claim in Toronto. G6 has since helped hundreds of clients across the GTA with SR&ED claims. We handle your claim, work with your accountant, and get you your check.

Waterloo, ON

Waterloo is a hub of innovation and industry. G6 Consulting provides tailored SR&ED services to help Waterloo businesses maximize tax credits. We support projects in software, manufacturing, and more.

Vancouver, BC

In Vancouver, G6 Consulting assists diverse industries with SR&ED claims. We handle claim preparation, paperwork, and post-submission duties. Greg's daughter Maddie lives in Kitsilano, give him a work reason to come to Vancouver!

Calgary, AB

G6 Consulting in Calgary emphasizes Alberta's Innovation Employment Grant (IEG). First-time SR&ED filers get an extra 12% refundable credit. We help navigate the application process for maximum funding.

Our Process

G6 Consulting Inc. has been helping companies get the SR&ED Tax Credit for 15 years. We handle everything: preparing your claim, completing paperwork, submitting it, and managing all post-submission tasks until your claim is approved and paid. We only get paid once your claim is fully approved.

G6 focuses solely on SR&ED, offering a personalized approach for each client. You get a dedicated technical and financial/operations contact who knows your account well and customizes the process to fit your needs.

We also have specialized accounting and legal partners familiar with SR&ED to ensure you are fully covered, especially for complex legal structures, cross-border optimization, or start-ups seeking VC or public funding. For example, we handle all SR&ED consulting for companies in the University of Toronto Hatchery incubator.

We aim to minimize your workload, maximize your refund, and enhance your standing with the CRA.

G6 SR&ED Consultants

G6 Leadership Team

Greg Hills


Greg Hills leads G6 Consulting. He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Queen’s University and an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business. With 15 years of excellence, Greg oversees every SR&ED claim submitted by G6 Consulting.

Michael Austin

Director of Operations

Michael Austin has a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and Entrepreneurship from Ontario Tech. He has deep knowledge of the SR&ED program and uses his business acumen to plan the best SR&ED strategies for clients.

Richard Moss

Technology Manager

Richard Moss holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Guelph and an MSc in Analytics from Georgia Tech. With experience in QA, R&D, and process improvement across various industries, he develops precise technical documentation to maximize client returns on SR&ED claims.

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Comprehensive SR&ED Consulting and Government Grants Services

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By doing it all, we keep costs down and let you focus on what’s most important.

SR&ED Consulting

Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) program is the largest R&D tax incentive program in Canada. Our SR&ED (SRED) Consultants build your claim, complete all the paperwork, submit your claim, and get you your cheque.

SR&ED Audit Defence

Already filed your SR&ED claim and now under audit? Our premium audit defense service provides you with the expertise and support needed to navigate the audit process successfully.

Other Government Grants

We consult businesses on IRAP, IDMTC credits, and all other government grants. Our consulting team can help you navigate all of these other government grants and advise you on the best course of action.

How Much Can You Get From SR&ED?

Under the SR&ED tax incentive program in Canada, small Canadian-Controlled Private Corporations (CCPCs) can get back 35% of their eligible R&D expenses as a refundable tax credit, up to $3 million each year. Other types of corporations can receive a 15% non-refundable tax credit for their R&D expenses. Additionally, many provinces and territories offer supplementary SR&ED tax credits, ranging from 10% to 20% or more, which can be either refundable or non-refundable, depending on the specific regional program. Eligible expenditures include salaries and wages, cost of materials, overhead expenses, and contracts directly related to SR&ED activities.


You qualify for the SR&ED program if your business is conducting scientific research or experimental development in Canada that aims to achieve technological advancements or resolve technological uncertainties. Eligible activities include basic research, applied research, and experimental development. Your work must involve systematic investigation and be documented.

Engagement Letter: Sign a G6 Consulting engagement letter to initiate the process.

Grant MyRep Access: Provide G6 Consulting with MyRep access to your CRA MyAccount.

Technical Track:

Identify Eligible Projects: Determine which projects qualify for SR&ED based on their innovation and technical advancement.

Interview and Draft: G6 interviews your technical leaders to understand the project details and drafts narratives that outline why the work exceeds standard practices in engineering or software development.

Assign Individuals and Hours: Allocate team members and document their hours worked on eligible projects.

Financial Track:

Calculate Expenditures: Identify and document all eligible expenses, including salaries, materials, and subcontractors.

File Tax Forms: Complete and file the necessary SR&ED tax forms. For catch-up claims, G6 handles SR&ED amendments. For ongoing claims, they integrate SR&ED forms with your regular T2 filings annually.

Claim Filing: G6 Consulting ensures timely filing, even managing claims with tight deadlines in as little as one week from engagement to e-filing.

This structured approach ensures thoroughness and efficiency in navigating the SR&ED application process, maximizing benefits for eligible projects.

Yes, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) can audit your SR&ED claim to ensure that the work meets eligibility criteria and that the expenditures are accurate and properly documented. G6 helps you to defend your claim by preparing and showing detailed records and other proof of your SR&ED activities if you get audited. Once you receive your SRED assessment and your funding, the result and your SRED money received is irrevocable. 

SR&ED is a tax credit, not a grant. It reduces the amount of income tax your business has to pay or, in the case of refundable credits, provides a cash refund if the credit exceeds your tax liability.

The processing time for SR&ED claims varies. Usually, the CRA takes 60-120 days to process a first time claimant’s SRED claim.For experienced SRED filers, SRED claims are processed within 15 -90 davs on average.SRED claims selected for detailed audit take longer.  90 – 150 days is the typical processing time for audited small business (CCPC) claims.

We build your claim, co-ordinate with your accountant, submit your claim and get you your cheque 100% customer service focus. No excuses.