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Boosting Returns: A Guide to SR&ED Salary or Wages Policy

Peeling back the layers of the SR&ED salary or wages policy feels a bit like stepping into a maze. But, trust me, it’s one worth navigating. In this deep dive, we will give you the lowdown on what counts as eligible salaries and how to make those figures work harder for your tax credit claims. 

Let’s walk through strategies to boost your SR&ED returns, tackle tricky cases involving subcontractors and bonuses, pinpoint common pitfalls (and how to dodge them), and get you up to speed with the latest policy shifts. 

Maximizing Your SR&ED Claims through Salaries and Wages

To maximize SR&ED claims, businesses need to focus on salaries and wages. These expenses make up a significant portion of the claims, yet many companies fail to fully utilize this aspect, resulting in missed opportunities for tax credits.

To benefit from the incentives, it is necessary to identify the work that qualifies for SR&ED activities. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) provides clear guidelines that define eligible work, and it is important to use these guidelines as a reference.

Accurate record-keeping is essential to support SR&ED claims. It is necessary to document every detail related to the research and development tasks, including the individuals involved, the timing of the activities, and their connection to SR&ED work. These records serve both compliance purposes and help create a narrative that justifies claiming salaries as tax credits.

Navigating Complex Cases in SR&ED Salary Claims

Handling complex situations, such as subcontractor payments and bonuses, in your SR&ED salary claims requires careful attention to detail. By keeping in mind retiring allowance, salary base, and administrative staff providing services in your documentation, you can ensure a smooth and successful claim process.

Subcontractor Payments

Only subcontractor work that directly contributes to research and development activities qualifies for the SR&ED program. To ensure smooth processing of your claims, you must maintain proper documentation. This includes having contracts that outline the nature of the work performed, invoices, and proof of payment that substantiate the expenses and their direct connection to qualifying R&D efforts.


Including bonuses in your SR&ED salary claims requires a delicate balance. To be eligible, these bonuses must be tied to R&D achievements or milestones within the claim period. Documentation is key in this case as well. 

You must maintain detailed records that link each bonus payout to specific project outcomes or innovations. This documentation ensures a balanced claim that maximizes benefits without compromising compliance.

Common Pitfalls in Claiming SR&ED Salaries and How to Avoid Them

When it comes to claiming SR&ED (Scientific Research and Experimental Development) salaries, businesses often stumble due to some common pitfalls. Let’s take a closer look at these pitfalls and explore ways to avoid them, ensuring you maximize your tax credits.

Understand Eligible Salaries and Wages

Mixing up what qualifies as an eligible expense is comparable to putting diesel fuel in a gasoline engine—simply put, it doesn’t work. The SR&ED program has clearly defined guidelines on what constitutes eligible salaries and wages. You must familiarize yourself with these guidelines to avoid any confusion. 

By doing so, you’ll have a solid understanding of which expenses can be claimed, ensuring you don’t miss out on potential tax credits.

Proper Documentation is Key

Documentation is your greatest ally when it comes to claiming SR&ED tax credits. Simply stating that you’ve spent money on research isn’t sufficient. You need concrete proof that links every dollar claimed directly to eligible projects. 

One common mistake businesses make is neglecting the importance of proper time tracking for employees involved in SR&ED activities. Detailed records that demonstrate how much time each employee has dedicated to research and development can significantly strengthen your claim. However, failing to keep track of this crucial information may result in receiving fewer credits than you deserve.

Utilize Project Management Software or Maintain Meticulous Logs

To ensure robust claims, consider using project management software specifically designed for R&D documentation, or maintain meticulous manual logs if technology isn’t your preference. These approaches help you keep track of relevant information, such as the time spent on specific tasks and projects, ensuring comprehensive reports for your SR&ED claims. 

By avoiding common pitfalls and implementing proper documentation practices, you can strengthen your SR&ED claims and receive the tax credits you deserve.

Optimize SR&ED Salary or Wages Claims with G6 Consulting

If you ever face challenges when dealing with an SR&ED Salary or Wage claim, G6 Consulting is here to assist you. Our experienced consultants understand the nuances of the SR&ED Wages Policy. We stay up to date with the latest updates and guidelines, ensuring that your claims align with the program’s requirements. 


Our specialized services in documentation, claim preparation, and audit defense ensure that you can optimize your claims, maximize your tax credits, and stay compliant with the program’s requirements. 

Leverage the Benefits of the SR&ED Salary or Wages Policy

Navigating the SR&ED salary or wages policy may initially seem complex, but with the right information, it becomes manageable. Key takeaways include understanding the eligibility criteria, strategic planning to maximize claims, and staying up-to-date with policy changes.

Thorough documentation is essential for maximizing returns. When dealing with complex situations like subcontractor payments, it is important to pay close attention to detail. 

By avoiding common pitfalls and staying informed about updates in the SR&ED salary or wages policy, businesses can effectively leverage the program’s benefits to fuel their growth. 

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