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SR&ED Consulting: Boosting Tax Credits for Manufacturers

In an ever-evolving global marketplace, manufacturing companies are continuously seeking ways to improve their processes, increase efficiency, and create innovative solutions. Recognising this, the Canadian government has established the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) program, offering valuable SR&ED tax incentives to support these activities. However, identifying eligible projects and accurately claiming these benefits can be challenging. At G6 Consulting, we offer precise SR&ED Consulting for manufacturing companies, ensuring clarity in the claim process and maximization of tax credit benefits.

Understanding SR&ED

The Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) program is a federal tax initiative designed to motivate Canadian businesses to conduct research and development (R&D) activities within the country. This program offers businesses both refundable and non-refundable tax credits for eligible R&D activities, encouraging innovation across industries.

SR&ED and the Manufacturing Industry

With the manufacturing sector’s emphasis on process improvement, automation, and technological advancement, there are numerous opportunities for firms to engage in SR&ED-qualifying activities. Whether it involves refining a production line process, automating manual tasks, or developing new materials, these forms of advancement can be considered for SR&ED incentives.

Qualifying SR&ED activities in the manufacturing industry may include:

  • Advancing or refining manufacturing processes for efficiency
  • Developing novel materials or altering existing ones for better performance
  • Innovating waste management processes within the manufacturing line
  • Implementing or refining automation processes

SR&ED Tax Credits for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing companies can claim two types of SR&ED Investment Tax Credits (ITCs):

  • Refundable tax credits: These can be converted into cash refunds, which is particularly advantageous for businesses with low or no taxable income.
  • Non-refundable tax credits: These can be used to reduce taxable income, offering significant benefits to profitable companies.

Canadian-controlled private corporations (CCPCs) can earn a 35% refundable ITC on the first $3 million of qualified expenditure and a 15% non-refundable ITC on any additional spending.

Non-CCPCs, such as foreign-controlled or public corporations, can obtain a 15% non-refundable ITC on all eligible expenditures.

Key Considerations for Manufacturing Companies

Thriving in the SR&ED landscape necessitates a thorough understanding of the specific criteria and requirements. Important factors to take into account include:

  • Identifying technological uncertainties that call for experimentation or analysis to resolve
  • Demonstrating that the work contributes to the advancement of technical knowledge or capability within the manufacturing field
  • Maintaining detailed records to substantiate SR&ED claims, including project plans, data collected, and technical reports

G6 Consulting: Expert SR&ED Partner for Manufacturing Companies

At G6 Consulting, we specialize in guiding manufacturing companies through the intricate paths of the SR&ED program. Our unique blend of manufacturing sector knowledge and SR&ED expertise ensures the accurate identification of eligible projects and the maximization of tax credit opportunities.

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