SR&ED claim deadline

What is the SR&ED claim deadline to submit your SRED filing?

Your claim is due 18 months after the end of your fiscal year. If your fiscal year end is Dec 31, you have until June 30 of the year after next to get your claim submitted. If June 30 happens to land on a weekend or holiday, then you have until close of business on the first business day after the holiday to get your claim entered.  For paper claims, “entered” means submitted to the post office with a timestamped record of receipt.

The 18 month deadline is a hard deadline.  If you submit a claim past the deadline it will not be processed.

It’s not a hard deadline, but ideally you want to submit your SR&ED claim with your regular T2 submission.  Your T2 is due 6 months after the end of your fiscal year. This means that you should be targeting this deadline to get your claim submitted.

Part of the evaluation of SRED claims is that the work claimed is performed in a systematic way. An easy way to demonstrate that you are carrying out SR&ED work systematically is to submit your SRED on time with your T2 every year.

Once your claim is properly submitted, the government has a service standard of 60 days to process your claim.  This standard applies as long as you are a CCPC and your claim is not selected for a detailed review.

So, with a bit of planning, you should be able to arrange for your SRED funding to arrive every year within 8 months of your fiscal year end.

Use our SRED calculator to estimate how much money you might receive!


Note: Some SRED deadlines that fall due in 2020 have been extended due to disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic.  See here to see if you might be able to take advantage of these extensions.