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Documentation Requirements for SR&ED Tax Credits

Documentation lies at the heart of every successful claim under the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program. Yet, many companies find the process of gathering and presenting the required details overwhelming. As specialists in SR&ED tax credits, we at G6 Consulting believe in aiding firms to transform this challenging task into a strategic advantage. With meticulous record-keeping, your company can streamline your SR&ED claim, ensuring a robust and compliant application.

Why Documentation Matters

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) demands businesses maintain comprehensive records that can be audited and reviewed to evaluate their SR&ED claims. These records serve as a testament to the validity of the claimed project and expenditures. Failure to present proper documentation puts your SR&ED tax credits at risk, leading to delays or even denial of the claim.

What to Document?

  • Project Documentation: This is perhaps the most crucial part of your SR&ED claim. The project documentation helps substantiate the scientific or technological advancements and uncertainties your project addresses. Your project documentation should describe the experiments and the analysis conducted, along with the progress notes, lab records and results, proof of trials and prototypes, and project planning documents.
  • Expenditure Documentation: Accurate financial records of incurred expenditures on the SR&ED project are essential. These include payrolls to validate personnel costs engaged in the SR&ED project, invoices, contracts for subcontracted work, and receipts of materials used. For overheads and other expenses, document the allocation method used and reasons for choosing it.
  • Time Tracking: Time-tracking records are useful in demonstrating how much time each employee dedicated to the SR&ED project. This could be timesheets, project schedules, or calendar entries.

Tips for Robust SR&ED Documentation

  • Continual Record-Keeping: The best practice involves documenting project progress and expenditures in real-time. Real-time documentation is precise and reduces the risk of missing any crucial details.
  • Detailed Narratives: When it comes to project documentation, the devil is in the detail. Narrate your project story, with scientific trial errors and successes, and illustrate how you overcame technological obstacles.
  • Evidence of Review and Analysis: Document all meetings, revisions, and project course corrections. They highlight your systematic review and decision-making process from a scientific perspective.
  • Consistent Time Tracking Method: Establish a consistent time-tracking method that clearly identifies time spent on SR&ED-eligible activities.
  • Consolidated & Organized Records: Keep your documentation well-organized and easily retrievable to facilitate a quicker and smoother review process with the CRA.

At G6 Consulting, we emphasize that the SR&ED program is not just a financial exercise but a cultural shift toward fostering innovation. Optimum document management practices go a long way in ensuring maximum returns from the SR&ED tax credit opportunity.

In the pursuit of SR&ED tax credits, remember that you’re carving out a path of scientific or technological advancement. Every failure, success, and uncertainty is a part of that journey, and therefore, should be documented with utmost diligence and detail.

For assistance with SR&ED claims and the documentation process, reach out to our team at G6 Consulting. Let us guide you through the complex pathways of SR&ED claims so you can focus on pushing the boundaries of research and development.


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