What is Mitacs? Mitacs Funding 2021

Mitacs is a not-for-profit organization that has been providing research and training opportunities for graduate students since 2001.

Mitacs provides opportunities for graduate students throughout Canada and the world to gain skills, experience, and connections in order to create economic opportunity in their future careers. Mitacs programs also provide Canadian employers with access to the best talent in the world for their research needs.

Mitacs has four core programs that allow graduate students to gain skills, experience, and connections: Accelerate – which helps researchers solve real-world problems; Elevate – which provides international internships; Globalink – which provides international internships; and Venture – which helps startups commercialize innovation.

How to Get Mitacs Funding

Mitacs is a not-for-profit organization that funds innovative, collaborative research partnerships between Canadian university researchers and industry.

The funding is divided into these 3 categories: scholarships, fellowships, and grants. It’s easier to get funded under the first two categories.
Scholarships are awarded for completing a PhD or master’s degree at one of Mitacs’ partnering universities. Fellowships are awarded to graduate students who are currently enrolled in one of the partnered universities. Grants are given to researchers who don’t work at one of the partnering universities or who don’t have a master’s degree.

To apply for Mitacs funding, you need to submit an online application form with supporting documents like your curriculum vitae (CV) and research proposal (max 5 pages. 

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What is Mitacs Accelerate?

Mitacs Accelerate is a non-profit organization that provides funding and business expertise to entrepreneurs in Canada.

Mitacs Accelerate has helped entrepreneurs in all sectors by accelerating their businesses. They have given over $4 million dollars in R&D funding to small companies in just the last three years. One of their main goals is helping startups find early commercialization opportunities for their innovations.

The Mitacs Accelerate program provides companies with an opportunity for rapid growth and commercialization through R&D funding, training, mentorship, and collaborations.
The Mitacs Accelerate program was created for small or medium size enterprises (SMEs), to help them grow their business by connecting them to new research and development opportunities. The program also provides R&D funding opportunities of up to $50,000 for Canadian SMEs.

What is Mitacs Elevate?

In order to help bring up the scientific and technological innovation level in Canada, Mitacs established the Mitacs Elevate program. The goal of this program is to provide funding for R&D.

R&D funding is a very important part of any project, as it provides the necessary support to finish a product or research project. In order for a country to be innovative, it needs an affordable and accessible source for this type of funding. This is where Mitacs comes in with their Elevate program.

Mitacs Elevate is a program from Mitacs that offers funding for postdoctoral fellows and postgraduate students to work on research and development projects with the goal of helping the companies develop their R&D teams.

The Mitacs Elevate program is a five-year program since it started in 2014. The first year offered a total of $8 million in funding to be shared among 25 companies and 45 academic institutions. And the maximum term for the award was set at 24 months.
After two years, Mitacs has awarded $24 million to 50 companies and 100 academic institutions through its Elevate program.

About Mitacs Globalink

Mitacs Globalink is a research and development program that provides funding for talented young Canadian researchers to work in a lab of a top university abroad. It has been running for over 15 years and it has funded 500+ projects, 1,000+ researchers and 170+ partnerships.

The program is unique as it helps young Canadians to develop their skills in research and development while also encouraging them to return home after their experience abroad. Canada loses out on about $2 billion each year as skilled graduates move abroad after completing their education.

Mitacs Globalink seeks to change this by helping young Canadians grow both internationally and domestically.

Mitacs Globalink is a funding program for international research internships. It helps companies doing R&D to recruit the best talent by providing training opportunities to Canadian-based researchers and engineering students.

Mitacs and Canada

Mitacs is a non-profit organization that offers research internships abroad. For Canada, they are investing in Canadian talent by providing funding to facilitate student exchanges with countries around the world. Mitacs Canada brings together students from all over the country to collaborate, learn and make lasting connections in their fields of study.

Canada has one of the most prestigious education systems in the world. It’s also one of the most diverse places on Earth, with people speaking more than two hundred languages and practicing more than forty different religions.

Mitacs Toronto

Mitacs Toronto is a federally funded program that offers research and training opportunities for students and industry partners. It also provides valuable connections to the business community and access to mentors in STEM fields.

Mitacs Toronto is a federally funded program with the mission of supporting Canada’s competitiveness through innovation. The organization connects students, industry partners, and researchers with valuable opportunities for research and training in STEM fields, as well as providing valuable connections to the business community.

Mitacs Logo

Mitacs Logo

Mitacs is a not-for-profit organization that creates opportunities for Canadian graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to work with industry leaders in research, development, and innovation.

It was created for the company by the design agency, Hulse & Durrell, in 1966.

The logo is often seen on Mitacs’s own materials as well as those of its partners and sponsors.


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