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litigation support Miami

Why You Should Count On Us For Litigation Support In Miami

With our over forty years’ experience in law, we provide our clients with the necessary litigation support in Miami to boost their chances of winning their cases. Although we offer other services apart from offering litigation support in Miami, only the services that are relevant to litigation support in Miami have been outlined right below.

Lost profits and contract disputes

We have several years’ experience in handling cases related to contract disputes and over the years, we have seen people lose cases because of a mere paper errors or procedural errors. So, apart from representing you in court, we will also assist in gathering convincing evidence to boost the chances of the verdict swinging in your favor.

Sometimes, not being able to use the right words can jeopardize your chances as the lawyer representing the other party will capitalize on your error. So, we will guide you from the beginning of the case to the end. Sometimes it is better not to file a lawsuit than to file it and lose the case. We look at the case of our clients critically. If we evaluate the case, check the evidence on ground and also study the laws guiding the issue and eventually find out that our clients have very slim chances of winning the case, we may advise him or her to seek mediation instead of filing a lawsuit.


We also handle mediations to disputes between companies. There are legal cases that have ended in favor of neither party. In such a situation, technically, both parties are winners but in terms of how much the case cost both parties, they are both losers since both of them parted with some money at least to hire a lawyer.

To avoid such cases, we can mediate and help both organizations settle their dispute amicably and it will end in a win-win situation for both parties. We also mediate among individuals. This will save the aggrieved party the money for filing a lawsuit and it will also save the defendant the cost of hiring an attorney to defend himself.


We also have a wealth of experience in handling negotiations between organizations and between individuals. There are situations where a party in a case offers the plaintiff an out-of-court settlement. In such cases, we can also represent our client to ensure that he gets a fair settlement.

Personal injury

One of the most difficult cases to handle is personal injury case because it is usually very difficult to gather convincing proofs in such a case and witnesses usually balk at the idea of coming to testify in court. We have the experience and the expertise to handle such cases.

We could even go to the accident scene to gather some necessary proofs because we know the kind of proofs that can sway judges. Sometimes insurance companies can quickly pay victims an amount much lower than what he really deserves. We will advise our clients against such because we have an idea of how the victim of an accident should receive in different situations.


Having operated in Miami for over forty years, chances are good that we could be acquainted to the judge of your case. This may earn you certain concession in the case. In addition, knowing a judge for many years means that we may also be aware of his quirks and biases and we will take advantage of that to swing the pendulum of the case in your favor.


litigation support Miami

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litigation support Miami

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