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Do I Qualify?

17,000 companies across Canada received SRED tax credits from the federal government in 2014. The average tax credit received was over $200,000 per company. This average figure is skewed by large firms which receive massive credits. Nortel, for example, had built up between $1 and $1.4 BILLION of SRED tax credits as of February 2009!

Your company doesn't need scientists, lab workers in white coats, PhDs, or P.Eng's to qualify for R&D tax credits. Federal government statistics show that 98% of credits are awarded for experimental development work (ie not classic R&D work).

If you design new products or process, carry out IT projects, invest to build your stock of proprietary knowledge and best practices, you may qualify for SR&ED credits. Custom IT work qualifies. Failed and abandoned projects qualify!

R&D tax credits are particularly targeted by the government at small business. Credit rates are higher for small business. Credits are refundable (ie all credits delivered as cheques) for small businesses. (Small business = CCPC, Canadian-controlled private corporation).

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