Have Canada’s top SR&ED experts defend your claim

Services – SR&ED Audit Defence

G6 Consulting has a well experienced and highly recommended Audit Defence Practice.
Companies who have self-filed SRED claims or who have filed with accounting firm assistance only, engage G6 when they receive a call from the CRA that their submitted SR&ED claim is under review. We are the number one provider of SR&ED audit defence services.
For a set fee, G6 will mount a full service technical and financial defense of a company’s already-submitted SRED claim.

We identify the reasons that the claim was selected for review, then we work to remediate those deficiencies. Once selected for review, the entire claim will be subjected to CRA scrutiny, thus preparation of the entire claim and supporting materials is critical to put the customer in the strongest audit defense position possible. 

The heart of any SR&ED claim, and thus the focus of our defense effort, is the technical merit of the claim’s projects. We work closely with the client to identify and buttress the technological obstacles and the technological advancements found in the projects. The CRA Research and Technology Advisor (RTA) will want to hear directly from a member of the client’s technical team why in the customer’s own words a particular project constitutes SR&ED work. G6 works tirelessly to distill the proper project descriptions which clearly differentiates SRED work performed from routine engineering. We identify the most suitable client team member to deliver the “Why this project is SRED” message, and finally we coach that person on how to deliver the project description to the CRA most effectively.

Once we are comfortable with the technical aspects of the claim, we will scrub and prepare the financial aspects of the SRED claim to ready it for review.

Quite often, the claim will have been prepared with financial errors or deficiencies which do not conform to proper SRED rules. We can work with the customer to address these errors and self-file corrections with the CRA in advance of the SR&ED audit. These corrections can improve the tenor of the review and improve the treatment that we receive from the CRA on the day of the audit. We then complete the financial preparations for the review by assembling a complete package of T4’s, timesheets, SRED practitioner roles and responsibilities, and any other relevant materials such as itemized IRAP and/or CEWS government assistance deductions.

We attend the review meeting with the customer, and participate fully in the audit defense. Our involvement continues right through the receipt of, and our response to, the government’s 30 day letter, which is their settlement offer, hopefully at 100 cents on the dollar (or more) for the SRED.