We are 100% customer-centric in all our work. If we can't get you tax credits from the government, we don't get paid

Greg Hills, Owner

About Us

Who We Are

G6 Consulting is headed by Greg Hills. Greg's undergraduate degree is in Mechanical Engineering from Queen's University at Kingston. Greg has an MBA from University of Western Ontario's Richard Ivey School of Business where he was an Ontario Graduate Scholar.

Our Vision

G6 Consulting has one line of business and one focus. We work to maximize your SRED credit claims with the federal and Ontario governments. We are 100% customer-centric in all our work. If we can't get you tax credits from the government, we don't get paid.

Our Mission

All G6 Consulting work is performed in-house. We closely guard your financial and proprietary technical information. All our work is covered by our standard Non-Disclosure agreement. We build your claim, co-ordinate with your accountant, submit your claim and get you your cheque. No excuses.

SR&ED Program

The SR&ED program is the largest government incentive program in Canada. In 2019, 20,000 companies received $3 billion in federal tax credits to promote innovation in new product and new process development or improvements to existing products and processes. That's $150,,000 per company on average!

Many companies are unaware that they could qualify annually for these SR&ED tax credits. You don't need to be in aerospace or employ scientists, engineers or lab workers in white coats to qualify for this lucrative program. Regular companies performing innovative work in manufacturing, IT, engineering start-ups and agriculture may qualify. Call us to schedule a no-charge assessment.

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Why Choose Us

We Are SR&ED Specialists

For many years, G6 Consulting has been assisting startups, small businesses, and big companies in getting their R&D tax credits. We have gained the knowledge and expertise to navigate the SR&ED program to help you get R&D tax refunds in a manner that saves you time and maximizes your recovery.

Our team consists of in-house engineers and accountants. They are conversant with the SR&ED program, have extensive technical experience and expertise in various industrial sectors, and are committed to providing exceptional services to our clients. Our team has a detailed understanding of the current R&D tax credit legislation and stays updated with any changes made by the CRA.

We Are

G6 Consulting offers hands-on, customer-oriented services. We are 100% committed to ensuring that you get your SR&ED credits from the government. If we don’t get you the tax credits, we don’t get paid.

We are with you from the start to the end. From the minute you enlist our services, we work with your company to prepare and submit the required documentation to support your SR&ED claim. Unlike other companies that walk away when your claim gets challenged by CRA auditors, we stick with you and help you tackle the situation.

Security and

All G6 Consulting work is performed by in-house specialists, and our standard Non-Disclosure Agreement covers it. This means that your corporate information, including pay rates, executive salaries, business income, and technical intellectual property (IP) that we may access when preparing your SR&ED claim, remains confidential and protected.


G6 Consultation offers a free, no-obligation SR&ED assessment. Contact us to schedule your free assessment with one of our specialists.
Our R&D knowledge, high success rate, experience, highly qualified team, and commitment to our clients makes us the best SR&ED consultants in Toronto. Let us help your company apply for and obtain tax credits from the government.

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How We Can Help

Assessment of Your Company

If you want to know whether you qualify for SR&ED tax credits, G6 Consulting can perform a no-charge evaluation. Most companies assume that they do not qualify for these tax credits because they do not employ scientists, engineers, or lab workers. Here are some industries that can be eligible for SR&ED:

- Manufacturing
- Information technology
- Machinery and equipment
- Design and construction
- Plastics
- Computer sciences
- Material development
- Food and beverage
- Pharmaceutical
- Engineering
- Health sciences

The above are just a few examples of companies that can benefit from SR&ED tax refunds. Contact us, and we’ll assess if your company has eligible activities and projects.

Application and Submission of SR&ED Claim

If your company has eligible projects or activities, we work with you to create a unique SR&ED claim that will yield the most tax claims. We compile all the documentation required to support your claim, including tax returns, technological descriptions, and any information regarding your research and development expenses and investments. The SR&ED claim is then submitted to the CRA for review.

Audit Support and Claim Defense

If CRA decides to audit your claim, call G6 Consulting, and we'll be there to offer our professional assistance. We’ll prepare your staff on what they should expect during the audit and make sure all the necessary records to support your claim are in order. We’ll help you defend your SR&ED claim and ensure that you’re treated fairly. After the audit, we’ll help you prepare any additional information requested by the CRA.

Our Case Studies

All G6 Consulting work is confidential. We have an excellent track record of achieving tax credits on claims we submit. All our work is performed in-house by highly qualified engineering and financial staff. We represent you throughout the SR&ED claim process. We only get paid upon your successful claim.


FTCAS, First Time Claimant Advisory Service, is a a new focus area for SR&ED.  If you’re claiming SR&ED for the first time, your claim will be on-site reviewed by the CRA.  It’s important that you get expert assistance with your claim to ensure that you receive FTCAS status for your first claim.

FTCAS status ensures that your full claim is pre-approved. You receive an abbreviated on-site training session from CRA SR&ED personnel and the processing time for receiving your funding is as quick as possible.  Most importantly, FTCAS status sets you up on the most advantageous track for future trouble-free SR&ED claiming.  Call G6 today for expert assistance.


If you receive an audit letter from the CRA regarding your SR&ED claim, contact G6 immediately to help with your audit defense.  We have many years experience presenting your claim in the best possible light with the CRA in audit defenses.

If you’ve gone through a SR&ED audit and received a negative CRA “30 day letter”, contact G6. We may still be able to re-structure your claim and re-present it to CRA in such a way that you receive a more acceptable audit result.


Many companies with in-house engineering staff are short-changing themselves by not including contract engineering work in their SRED claims.  You should be fully claiming all contract work with SRED content for US customers which you carry out for US customers.  The amount of money you receive in fees for this work is 100% irrelevant with respect to your SRED claim.

Call G6 today to explore this untapped source of SRED funding if you perform contract engineering work for foreign customers and you are not including it currently in your SRED claiming workflow.

Our Reviews

G6 Consulting was recommended to me in 2010 by a colleague at a large Tier 2 automotive manufacturing supplier. I didn’t think we could possibly receive government R&D funding for our technical work. Greg showed us how our restoration work and our development work on fuel economy and performance aftermarket chips qualified easily for SR&ED funding. Highly recommended!

Personal service R&D tax credit submissions.

We build your claim, co-ordinate with your accountant, submit your claim and get you your cheque 100% customer service focus. No excuses.

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We build your claim, co-ordinate with your accountant, submit your claim and get you your cheque 100% customer service focus. No excuses.

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